Hole 9


  • Fairway slopes to a slight dog-leg left
  • Out of bounds on left hand side of the fairway
  • Two fairway and one green side bunker
  • Out of bounds at the back of the green

From the back tee box the two fairway bunkers come into play; land in either one and you will struggle to get any distance on your second shot.

Again from the back tee box or if you are not long of the tee from the front tee box, your second shot will be a blind shot towards the green.

If you can not reach the green in two then the left hand side of the fairway is the place to be as a ridge on the right hand of the fairway may leave you unable to see the flag.

The green itself is protected on the right hand side by a bunker and slopes from the back to front. If the pin is at either end of the green you can leave yourself with a long putt, with three or more putts a possibility.