Hole 12 at Greenacres

Hole 12 - Greenacres Golf Course

  • White Tee

    401 Yards - Par 4 - S.I. 2

  • Blue Tee

    396 Yards - Par 4 - S.I. 2

  • Red Tee

    385 Yards - Par 4 - S.I. 1

A drive pushed to the right on this hole will mean you have to come over the trees at the tenth tee box to reach the green in two, that is assuming they are not blocking you from reaching it.

The two bunkers at the front of the green will gather any shot short of the green. Anything over the green leaves a tricky shot back onto it as it slopes from front to back as well as left and right-hand edges.

A pin position just over either bunker also leaves a tricky putt on this sloping green.

  • Dog-leg right
  • Hidden dip at the dog-leg
  • Two green side bunkers
  • Sloping green

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