Hole 2 at Greenacres

Hole 2 - Greenacres Golf Course

  • White Tee

    407 Yards - Par 4 - S.I. 3

  • Blue Tee

    360 Yards - Par 4 - S.I. 3

  • Red Tee

    352 Yards - Par 4 - S.I. 4

If you can not reach this green in two then aim for the right-hand side of the fairway, especially if the flag is on the left-hand side of the green to avoid coming over the bunker.

Longer drivers may consider the 18th fairway as a good angle of approach.

  • Mounds and trees line left hand side of fairway
  • Trees and ditch line the right hand side of fairway
  • Bunker to the front of the green

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